The Cliff Edwards Discography by Larry Kiner
A comprehensive discography of Cliff Edwards can be found in the book "The Cliff Edwards Discography". This meritoriously documented book contains a short biography of Cliff Edwards as well as a complete listing of movies and television shows in which Cliff appeared. By far the best (and only) book devoted to Cliff Edwards.

The book was compiled by Larry F. Kiner (Greenwood Press, Inc., 88 Post Road West, Westport, Connecticut 06881. First published: 1987. 283 pages. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 86-31798. ISBN: 0-313-25719-1. ISSN: 0192-334X). The book is listed at $59.95.

The Ukulele: A Visual History by Jim Beloff
This interesting ukulele book contains a section on Cliff Edwards accompanied by several photographs. The book contains a well documented history of the ukulele tracing its origins and includes short bios on various ukulele musicians. It is visually appealing with an abundance of colorful photographs of ukuleles, musicians, books and sheet music related to the ukulele.

Visit Jim's website for further information.

The book may be purchased from your local music store, Borders Books, or ordered direct from (800) 848-5594. It is priced at $24.95 and is distributed to music stores by Hal Leonard. ISBN 0-87930-454-5 (paperback). Published 1997.

Hats off to Jim Beloff of Billboard Magazine for a superb book!

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