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In Chronological Order

Movie Year Cliff's Songs
Ukelele Ike Singing Half Way To Heaven, And Good Little Bad Little You


Half-Way To Heaven
Good Little, Bad Little You
Ukelele Ike Singing Oh What A Night For Spooning, And Oh Baby Don’t We Get Along?


Oh! What A Night For Spoonin’
Oh! Baby Don’t We Get Along?
They Learned About Women 1929 Harlem Madness (Cliff is heard off-camera only)


Hang On To Me
Just You, Just Me
Hollywood Revue


Nobody But You
Singin’ In The Rain

So This Is College


Sophomore Prom
Lord Bryon Of Broadway (aka What Price Melody?)


A Bundle Of Old Love Letters
Should I?
Montana Moon


Happy Cowboy
The Moon Is Low
Voice Of Hollywood, The (#10)


Good News 1930 Unknown.

Dough Boys (aka The Big Shot and Forward March)

1930 Military Man
Sing (A Happy Little Thing)
Dogway Melody 1930 Singing In The Rain
Great Day 1930 Unknown. (Film Canceled)
Those Three French Girls 1930 Six Poor Mortals (?)
You’re Simply Delish (?)
Way Out West 1930 Singing A Song To The Stars

Dance, Fools, Dance

1931 None.
The Prodigal 1931 None.
Shipmates 1931 Unknown.

Parlor, Bedroom And Bath (aka Romed In Pajamas)

1931 None.

Laughing Sinners

1931 Unknown.

Sidewalks Of New York

1931 None.
The Great Lover 1931 Unknown.

The Sin Of Madelon Claudet (aka The Lullaby)

1931 None.
Hell Divers 1932 Unknown.
Young Bride (aka Love Starved) 1932 Unknown.
Stepping Out 1932 Unknown.
Fast Life 1932 Unknown.
Flying Devils 1933 Unknown.
Hollywood On Parade 1933 Hollywood On Parade
Take A Chance 1933 Come Up And See Me Sometime
It’s Only A Paper Moon
Night Owl
George White Scandals 1934 Every Day Is Father’s Day With Baby
My Dog Loves Your Dog
Six Women (aka Me And Henry VIII)
So Nice
George White’s 1935 Scandals 1935 Hunkadola
I Got Shoes - You Got Shoesies
I Was Born Too Late
It’s An Old Southern Custom

Red Salute

1935 I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now
The Man I Marry 1936 Unknown.
They Gave Him A Gun 1937 A Love Song Of Long Ago
Between Two Woman 1937 Unknown.


1937 The Horse With The Dreamy Eyes
Bad Guy 1937 Unknown.
The Women Men Marry 1937 Unknown.
The Bad Men Of Brimstone 1937 Save That Last Grave For Me

The Girl Of The Golden West

1938 Oh! Susanna
The Little Adventuress 1938 One song - Unknown.
Maisie 1939 Little Joe The Wrangler(?)
Whoo-Pee-Ti-Yi-Yo (?)
Smuggled Cargo 1939 Unknown.
The Royal Rodeo 1939 Unknown.

His Girl Friday

1939 None.

Gone With The Wind

1939 None. Cliff is the voice of the "Reminiscing Soldier" and is not on camera.


1940 Give A Little Whistle
Jiminy Cricket
When You Wish Upon A Star
High School 1940 Unknown.
Millionaires In Prison 1940 None.
Flowing Gold 1940 None.
Friendly Neighbors 1940 Unknown.
She Couldn’t Say No 1940 One song - Unknown.
Cliff Edwards And His Buckaroos 1940 Unknown.
Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair 1941 I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair

The Monster And The Girl

1941 None.
Knockout 1941 None.
Power Dive 1941 None.
Thunder Over The Prairie (aka The Medico Rides) 1941 Unknown.


1941 When I See An Elephant Fly
Prairie Stranger 1941 Doin’ It Right
I’ll Be A Cowboy Till I Die
I’m Just A Small Town Scallywag
Ride Cowboy Ride
International Squadron 1941 None.
Riders Of The Badlands (aka Outlaw Rangers) 1941 Unknown.
West Of Tombstone 1942 Get Along Little Pony
Midnight Blues
We’ll All Be Together
The New Spirit 1942 The Yankee Doodle Spirit (?)
Lawless Plainsmen (aka Valley Of Lawless Men) 1942 Lady Luck
Ridin’, Just Ridin’ On
Sundown Jim 1942 None.
Riders Of The Northland (aka Return of The Rough Riders) 1942 Silver Sage In The Twilight
We’ll Carry The Torch For Miss Liberty
Bandit Rider 1942 I’m Musical Ike, The Bandit
Move Along
Overland To Deadwood 1942 Unknown.
Bad Men Of The Hills 1942 Cherokee Joe
Where Or Where Is My Blue Eyes?
Pirates Of The Prairie 1942 Grandpop
Where The Mountains Meet The Sunset
Red River Riding Hood 1942 Twilight On The Prairie
Seven Miles From Alcatraz 1942 None.
Fighting Frontier 1942 The Edwards And The Drews
On The Outlaw Trail
Sagebrush Law 1942 Crazy Old Trails
Rockin’ Down The Cherokee Trail

American Empire (aka My Son Alone)

1942 Little Pal
The Avenging Rider 1942 Minnie, My Mountain Moocher
The Falcon Strikes Back 1943 None.
Minnie, My Mountain Moocher 1943 Minnie, My Mountain Moocher
Paddlin’ Madeline Home 1943 Paddlin’ Madelin’ Home

Salute For Three

1943 My Wife’s A W.A.A.C.
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 1944 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Fun And Fancy Free

1947 Fun And Fancy Free
I’m A Happy-Go-Lucky Fellow

Mickey And The Beanstalk

1947 ?
The Littlest Outlaw 1955 Doroteo (aka The Automobile Song)
The Man From Button Willow 1965 Unknown.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

1977 When You Wish Upon A Star
Blaze of Noon ?? None.

Miscellaneous Shorts and Commericals

Nash For 1955 and The Hudson




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