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For a list of Cliff Edwards 78rpm party records see David Diehl's Cliff Edwards listing.

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The following is not a complete list of recordings made by Cliff Edwards. It consists of only recent (last 25 years) obtainable issues on LP or CD. Compilation recordings where Cliff will have one or two songs on the CD along with other artists are listed separately.

A comprehensive discography can be found in the book "The Cliff Edwards Discography" compiled by Larry F. Kiner (Greenwood Press, Inc., 88 Post Road West, Westport, Connecticut 06881. First published: 1987. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 86-31798. ISBN: 0-313-25719-1. ISSN: 0192-334X).

Title Label Format Buy It
Cliff Edwards and His Hot Combination Fountain LFV-203 LP  
Cliff Edwards "Ukulele Ike" Glendale GL-6011 LP  
Dumbo Soundtrack Walt Disney Records CD
Fascinatin' Rhythm Totem 1045 LP  
I'm A Bear In A Lady's Boudoir Yazoo 1047 LP  
I Want A Girl Totem 1014 LP  
Pinocchio Soundtrack Walt Disney Records CD
Shakin' The Blues Away Totem 1005 LP  
Singing In The Rain Audiophile ACD-17 CD
The Hottest Man In Town ASV Living Era AJA-5011 LP  
The Vintage Recordings Of: Cliff Edwards Take Two TT-205 LP  
The Vintage Recordings Of: Cliff Edwards Take Two 419 CD
1930's Radio Transcriptions Collector's Choice Music CCM-018 CD
Ukulele Ike Sony A26475 CD
Ukulele Ike Sings Again Walt Disney Records 60408CDMA CD  
Singin' In The Rainnew.gif (1276 bytes) ASV Living Era AJA-5313 CD
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