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David Garrick

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A Bundle Of Old Love Letters A Love Song Of Long Ago - Billing Only Cheatin' On Me Don't Worry
Everybody Loves My Girl Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now Football from Good News - 1930 Gee, But I'd Like To Make You Happy
Hang On To Me Hi Ho The Merrio - 1926 Hold My Hand Hollywood Dance Folio - 1929
Hollywood Dance Folio - 1930s Hollywood Dance Folio - No. 10 I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again I'd Love To Be A Baby Again
I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston It's An Old Southern Custom Keep On Croonin' A Tune Lo-Do De-O
My Dog Loves Your Dog Nasty Man No Man's Mama No One
Nobody's Business Paddlin' Madelin' Home Reaching For Someone Should I
Singin' In The Rain Singing A Song To The Stars Six Women That's All There Is
When You Wish Upon A Star Who Takes Care Of The Caretaker's Daughter Whose Who Are You Without A Song - Billing Only
Yes We Have No Bananas You're Simply Delish

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